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Solid State Logic Matrix

  • 40 input SuperAnalogue™ summing console:

  • 16 analogue line channels with two inputs per channel

  • 32 x 16 x 16 'Insert Router' for up to 16 external hardware processing devic

  • Stereo Aux Send and 4 x Mono Sends per channel

  • 4 Stereo Returns with full stereo mix bus routing

  • Dual Stereo Mix Busses with summing Inserts and reassign

  • Artist Monitor output with independent EQ and monitor source selection

  • 'In Line' DAW monitoring with 'SuperCue' headphone mode

  • Stereo or 5.1 External Monitor inputs

  • Stereo or 5.1 EXT monitoring outputs with independent Main and Mini monitor control

  • 5.1 Monitor card available as an upgrade for Matrix V1 owners: here.

  • Stereo digital I/O (S/PDIF, AES/EBU) with SSL converter technology